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So today I’m starting a new series called “10 REASONS WHY..” and TODAY I’ll discuss 10 reasons why people won’t change or take advantage of an opportunity to become successful or financially free.

Why won’t these same people that you know and love make a move out of their current situation?

It’s as if they’re ok with not being ok. And that’s not necessarily the truth.. most of the time. There are plenty other reasons…


They lack the knowledge or know how to properly run a business. So knowing that they lack the proper knowledge there would be nothing for them to act upon, right?

Knowledge is definitely power. Knowledge is like jet fuel.. they need it to TAKE OFF! They haven’t elevated because they’re running on E.

When there’s a lack of knowledge present – this gives you the opportunity to teach. What’s that saying again? Each one – Teach one? Well there you have it. As long as we withhold valuable information from one another we miss out on opportunities to rise together. Someone out there may be missing one key piece and that key could be the knowledge to prosper.

I wish someone would have stopped me in my tracks and taught me the things that I know today. Like running a business, the power of credit, and information about the many opportunities that were available to me.

Teach your friends and family – your opportunity may look like a joke to them because of ignorance. Don’t take offense. Have patience and understanding. It took me 7 years to take a closer look at an opportunity outside of being an employee. That’s way too long, and all because of ignorance. So shame on me – shaking my head – confused emoji face – ALL OF THAT!


The have a fear of REJECTION or FAILURE. You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.. said Mr. Wayne Gretzky. I think. But whoever said it was spot on. You gotta take your shot. Don’t fear what you haven’t encountered yet. Don’t fear your future. Your failures and those no’s are what will make you stronger. I promise you this: you will live and you will rebound.

You will bounce back and be even more prepared and powerful because you will have experience. Everyone has to hear no a few times. Everyone has to see failure before success. It’s like the storm before the sun comes out again. The ones who endure and push through will be the fortune 500 CEOs and multi-million dollar entrepreneurs that you wish to be like. You have to keep pushing.

And if you come across someone who is afraid to fail or be rejected please tell them the story about Oprah. She heard more no’s and has seen more failure than a little bit. She rose from rape.. she rose from poverty, she rose from being rejected and cast out. Google her story and share it with the world. Very inspiring stuff.


They don’t believe that there’s better out there.

They believe that opportunity is for the privileged and those who were born into money.

They simply don’t believe that anything great exists outside of their box. Again.. this is ignorance and delusion.

They haven’t been exposed to better so they don’t see it as an option. If you are one of these people you have to start surrounding yourself around those who DO believe and know that there’s bigger, brighter and better things out there for you.  Start changing your environment. We all have the opportunity to build our own privilege. Some may have to work harder than other, but we all have the opportunity. CHANGE is key. Change your circle, Again, change your environment. Change your way of thinking so you can start attracting the things that you deserve.

I remember when it was time to graduate high school and many of the students in my small town could see past the city limits. They already had their jobs and plans while still living at home with their parents. They didn’t see past their norm. “Mama stayed home so I’m gonna stay home too”.. You have to leave the nest, physically and mentally. There’s a HUGE world just waiting for you to take over. Those lavish lifestyles, homes cars and communities aren’t a myth. You have one life. Put your eye on the prize and take your shot.

These are some of the hardest people to build a partnership with. They’ve already claimed their limits, and It’s up to them to shake those limits or pass them down to the next generation. Forget, ABC (which is always be closing); How about ABE (Always be EDIFYING)? Encourage and be a walking testimony. Show them what they could have access to with a lot of hard work, determination and fearlessness.


They don’t believe in themselves. These are the people who battle with insecurities and a lack of self-esteem. They lack confidence to a point of not being able to manage their emotions; How will they manage a business? There is definitely power in self-love and appreciation.  Ask your potential partners to begin daily affirmations. “You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are a formidable opponent.” Making affirmation apart of their daily habits will eventually become second nature. Eventually they’ll actually start to believe these wonderful affirmations that are recited everyday.

A lack of self-love is dangerous. It can create self-sabotage in everything that you touch. I can remember my brokest moments in life, and these were times where I didn’t love and believe in myself. I couldn’t see success because I couldn’t see myself first. I didn’t acknowledge what I was capable of because I was too focused on the flaws and what I could not do. We all have flaws. There’s always someone bigger, better, younger and smarter, but that’s not to take away from your own talents and abilities. The only limits placed in front of me are the ones that I shine a light on. I can jump over any hurdle, bypass any flaw, and break the chains of anything blocking me from greatness.

But we as humans have a tendency to be our own worst enemy. “I can’t do this.. and I can’t do that”. I never approach a situation and start off with the words “I CAN’T”. You can conquer anything. You can do all things through Jesus Christ. You CAN! PERIOD. “Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it. ” Quoted by M. Scott Peck. I LOVE that.

Number 5

Becoming too comfortable in one’s on comfort zone is crippling. GET OUT OF THERE. Make a list of all of the things that being in your comfort zone has gotten you. How far have you gotten? How much have you accomplished. Sometimes you may have to become very uncomfortable to see your greatest blessings. When I first started out in this industry I was completely uncomfortable and vulnerable. I was doing things that I never thought I would do. I was talking to more people than I could handle. I was letting people into my world and my space, and in return I saw my greatest reward.

Embrace change. You have to be willing to change. If you’re going though life and you’re content with being the same person that you were when you were in high school or whenever you were out here messing up and running the streets that’s a huge problem. We all change – some for the better and some for the worst, and the ones who don’t embrace the change and fight to remain stagnant are the ones who get left behind. Your comfort zone is very limited. There’s a tv there, a fridge, a few microwave dinners, but there’s nothing in there that will deliver you to the finish line. And clearly that was just a weird analogy of some sort. But GET OUT. Your comfort zone is a TRAP. If you want an increase in your life you’re going to have to make some room. You’ll need to step outside of that box and get ready to BE GREAT.


They “don’t have time”. As long as you keep telling yourself that little white lie the longer you’ll believe it and it will appear to be true. If you take bathroom, breakfast, lunch, smoke and any other break through your day you have time to build on your dreams. As a matter of fact, I’ve heard that the bathroom has been the birthplace of amazing ideas. Stop making excuses. You have plenty of time to start a business, come up with a plan to get out of debt, become an investor and whatever else you’d like to fit into your schedule. If it’s important you will make time.

I talked about this last week. You will continue to make excuses for doing things that you have no interest in doing because it’s more convenient than just saying NO. You don’t have to feel guilty or expound on your no – If someone isn’t interested the most respectful thing that they can do is tell me the truth and “I’m too busy” ain’t it. “I’m too busy” is an easy cop out. And I call it convenient because usually when people say “I’m too busy” people stop pressing the issue. You should always have time to improve and build your legacy. You should always have time to make the money that you NEED to survive and get out of debt. You don’t believe that there’s a solution out there for you. When I was given an opportunity and I could pick up on the vision I didn’t dare bring up TIME. I always have time to put myself before the rich men that I was feeding when I slaved at a 9 to 5.

When people tell you that they don’t have time they’re really just saying “I simply don’t want to and I don’t believe in your opportunity… sir or ma’am, I don’t believe you can help me”. Period.


They value titles and image over actual success. See these are the keeping up with the Jones’ type of people. They care more about their image so much that they lose track of what’s important and the actual PROCESS to BE better than the Jones’.  There’s a process to success. I don’t care about LOOKING rich – I work hard so I can BE rich. I don’t have to put on a show. I don’t need you to know how much I’ve made or succeeded. My priorities and loyalty belong to my household. Every now an then I’ll bring attention to my blessings to show other what they could do, but at the end of the day I don’t need to be called boss or millionaire to feel good. I need that check. Cause I have bills.

I have a few people like that who do so much talking and flexing that I never see any moves being made. They want to be seen so badly. They want your attention. They want to be seen as something that they’re probably not. They value friends and networking over success. I see this far too often. People will start businesses to gain extended family members and meet their new besties. I don’t have that kind of time on my hands. My kids need braces, and need tuition, and shoes and clothes, and lights and shelter. That is my WHY. Not a title, trophy or acceptance into an online circle.

It’s called loneliness. Get a cat and let’s get this money!


They are afraid of success. Some people are really afraid of succeeding. Can you believe it? Fear seems to be a trendy word in regards to unsuccessful and unaccomplished people. I’m surprised “afraid of their own shadow” isn’t one of the reasons. Don’t fear success. It may seem to be intimidating but I want you to reach out and grab everything that you deserve. Everything that said you couldn’t have GRAB IT. And most times when people are afraid of succeeding they aren’t afraid of actually prospering they’re afraid of the idea of one day losing it. They’re afraid of being back at square 1 because they couldn’t handle the responsibility of prospering.

Don’t worry! Succeed and then address the problems as they come along. Do you really believe that more money means more problems? No! More like more people more problems. Trim up your circle and enjoy your new found success.


They are just plain lazy. I don’t have much of a narrative or explanation for this reason because there is none and there is no excuse. Get up and put in work like everyone else. Stop comparing your check to others unless you’re gonna put in this work. Case closed.


Last but not least: Not paying attention is a big reason for failure. Not knowing when to walk away or walk through doors. Not knowing who to keep in your circle and who to replace or remove. Not paying attention to where you’re headed and where you’v been. These people are completely oblivious to their situation and refuse to learn because they aren’t focusing. A lack of focus is why many don’t succeed. You need to be on your toes. You need to be ready and alert. There’s a reason why it’s lonely at the top. What it’s store for you and your new success is gonna need for you to plan, plot, strategize and PAY CLOSE ATTENTION.

With as much as I’ve been through and many people as I’ve come across that tried to take my crown I pay attention to everything. I’m paying attention to my environment, to way people move around me, the way they speak around me or ill of their own circle.  I pay attention to who’s rooting for me and who’s watching in silence. And it may seem like paranoia but that’s not at all what this is. You’re an entrepreneur now. Imagine yourself playing chess at ALL TIMES. Look at how the other pieces move around you.

Ok. That concludes this week’s topic: 10 Reasons why you aren’t successful or prospering.. it’s been fun and thank you again for tuning in.